Fact Fondue - Minnesota

I'm sick with from standing outside for 8 hours to watch Purdue roll over and die for our in state rivals, so I am just serving the cheese and walking away.

Let's make the hash tag for the week - #keepRobbieSafe

  • In 2010, the Minnesota Loss to our Boiler's ended their head coach's career
  • 2011 Gophers are 1-4 with their only win over the 0-4 Miami of Ohio, the same team that gave them their only win in 2007
  • After the Metrodome's roof collapsed last December, the Gopher's field hosted the Vikings/Bears game
  • In 2009, the Gophers got their new stadium, which cost almost 300 million in today dollars, since then, they are 10-20 over three years
  • Minny has the 4th largest student body in the nation (51,000+)
  • One of the B1G's most impressive research institutions, considered a public Ivy League
    • Officially, the last list was made in 2001, and Purdue was not included
    • MSU, UofM, Wisky, PSU, Iowa, Illini, O$U and IU were included however...Yes, IU
  • We'll just go ahead and say: There's a reason one of the Internet's precursor's was called GOPHER...
  • Dr. Arvind Varma - head of Purdue's Chemical Engineering Department - is a Gopher Alum
    • Other famous alumni include
      • Bob Dylan
      • Ric Flair - WWE legend
      • Marion Barber
      • Tony Dungy
  • The first Bone Marrow Transplant and open heart surgery in the US were done at the University of Minny
  • The basketball court, home of Robbie's first ACL tear, is raised off the main surface.
    • When Purdue football Played Minny last year, Robbie tore his second
Want more facts? Go find them on the interwebs that Minny helped make.
  • Fondue - It's B1G time, go make Velveeta/Rotel and leave me alone about it. Instructions on the box.

#Hash it out - Minnesota

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