#Hash it out - Minnesota

We had a lacking effort last week folks, but we're bringing it back to #boilRice standards this week, ya hear me?

Why do we need a hashtag? We don't. It's just a fun way to channel all of the Purdue fans into an area leading upto, during, and after gameday. Unlike the other Purdue tags - like #boilerUP and #purdue - you'll mostly only get the Boiled Sports readers hashing it up. This means you get quick wit, dark sarcasm and the occasional drunk tweet; J may also make inappropriate passes at your sister - or at least @CalBuch

Our Ideas?

  • #gopherHunting
  • #basementFight
  • #whackAMole
  • #keepRobbieSafe (2 of the last 4 match ups with anything Minnesota has resulted in Hummel getting an ACL tear. STOP THE HURT)
  • #MaybeThisIsOurSuperbowl

This week, we're asking for suggestions to get us started about Minnesota. Post your ideas in the comment section or tweet em over to @thuff and @boiledsports.

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