Have a good weekend

Media Day Always Insures Goofiness

My brother-in-law gets married this weekend, so I won't be able to post the next few days...A few items before I go:

-Tiller compared this year's team to the 1997 team a few times on media day today. He thinks they'll surprise some people- Including themselves.
-In aOSU fashion, Coach Tiller has suspended three Boilers (McKinley, Numa & Golding) for the big first game versus Northern Colorado for the old, oft mentioned, never defined, "conduct detrimental to the team". My guess is that Golding is awfully close to being in Tiller's doghouse- never a good place to be. My only question is, if alcohol-related law infractions, driving citations and shoplifting doesn't get you suspended for anything during the season...what did these guys do???
-Tiller called Stuuuuu his biggest, most important recruit during his time at Purdue and Brees not far behind during Thursday's presser.

I said goofiness, not ga...nevermind. Am I the only one who hears 1,000,000 jokes in his head right now?

-I know, I know, I admit I'm not a big fan of the olympics...but I can't stop watching. It could be because I'm sports deprived right now, but I've been watching the games until around 1:00 am each morning the past few days. I'm pretty sure Phelps isn't human.

-Lastly, and absolutely most important, the BTN is supposed to launch on Comcast tomorrow just in time for football season. Call me doubting Thomas, but I won't believe it until I see it with my own four eyes.

Have a good weekend. I love your body, Larry.

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