Paul Pierce Does It All

For those that were fortunate enough to have something else to do this morning -- like a root canal or rectal exam or something -- Paul Pierce co-hosted, if that's what you want to call it, with Mike Greenberg on the abaomination known as "Mike and Mike in the Morning" on ESPN Radio. And try as he might, Pierce kept effing up the "on ESPN Radio" line that always follows Greenberg saying "Mike and Mike in the Morning" as they head to commercial. Eventually Greenberg just did it himself while Pierce was laughing at something or losing his earpiece or whatever.

But my favorite (not really) part of the morning was when Pierce was asked what celebrities or athletes he'd like to meet and in telling his story about his dream meetings, he began it with this:

"I have an imagination...."

Yes, Paul, I bet you do. But I think you mean a dream or something like that.

Leave me alone, I'm tired.

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Have a good weekend