It's been 6 games!

ESPN is already comparing this years Celtics team to the Chicago Bulls team that went 72-10. Are you kidding me? It's been 6 games. I understand that you crave a great team in the Boston market. You want it so desperately. However, it's been 6 games. Six. One more than five.

I'll permit you to start comparing them after... oh... 50 games or so. How's that sound?

ESPN, you are becoming (if not already) a mouthpiece for everything I hate about the sports media. You slurp on anything that you think will be popular. Oh, the Celtics might be good? Let's show Celtics games every day. Let's preempt SportsCenter with breaking news that Rajon Rondo just had a layup. Yay Celtics! Hooray for Boston.

Suck it ESPN!

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