Big Time Teams Play Big Time Opponents (Bethune-Cookman)

As Purdue starts its season (for some reason it's about 3-5 days after everyone else in the nation) they will be tested right away by the fantastic stupendous Bethune-Cookman Wildcats. Granted, I thought BC actually was conjured up by Bill Cosby as a rival to Hillman on the Cosby show, but it turns out the Wildcats are a real MEAC school. Bethune-Cookman comes in 0-2 after losing to two perennial powers, Warner Southern & Florida Gulf Coast. Both games were close, so don't discount the effort...This B-Cookman team can flat out play!

While other teams across the land will be playing in unimportant tournaments like the BCI or Pre-Season NIT, Purdue will be playing back-to-back contests against some of the best teams in American- Bethune Cookman & Lipscomb. We should learn a whole lot of nothin' over the next two contest.

What we will see is a host of Freshman playing for the Boilermakers. Purdue will start three freshman in tonight's contest...This is something that has never happened according to Gold & Black starting four, which will happen very soon will be history-making once again.

Calasan is still out awaiting the NCAA's ruling on his amateur status...This process wasn't aided by a fire in the NCAA headquarters yesterday in Indianapolis. The building will be shut down for at least another day...and Purdue will not have their JC shooting forward as long as they aren't working. Crapper, Miles, get back to work!

I demand ONE MIIIILLLLLLION dollars!

It's been 6 games!