Joe Is Curious; Curtis Thinks We're Doing Things Well

Sure, we're now hypersensitive to everything and we're downright pissed off about this season, this coaching staff, the fact that I ordered cheese fries at Ross-Ade last weekend and the guy filled the cup of fries to the brim with cheese and then gave me a blank stare when I asked if they had forks... I'm telling you, everything sucks right now.

I then read this story on about how Tiller is becoming impatient with Curtis. Fine, let's see what they say.

First, I like that ESPN bylines it with "INDIANAPOLIS" -- probably where they think Purdue is, or, more likely, they figure it's the only city in Indiana.

Anyway, it's a typical Purdue article -- we don't know what happened! (Hint: 3-stars often lose to 5-stars.) And it's getting old to see the coach completely clueless. Coaches are supposed to have answers, solutions, plans.... something. Being curious and wondering when everything will sort itself out is something that WE can f-cking do!


"I don't think you can put your finger on one thing and say, well, he's [Painter] not doing this. He's doing what's being asked of him."

Maybe you need to be asking him to go through a progression rather than staring down one receiver and then firing a laser at knock-down-able heighth.

Painter knows he needs to deal with Tiller's most significant gripe, accuracy on the deep ball. Ironically, Painter took over for Brandon Kirsch in 2005 because Kirsch struggled to connect on long throws.

"I don't know that there's a solution," Painter said. "Just keep practicing, keep going for them. Sooner or later, you'll hit those."

Yes, much like chipping golf balls at a bucket, you should just keep sailing them out there... eventually, one might land where it's supposed to. Law of averages, right?

Joe must have then been asked about Painter on the road, against a ranked opponent, in a place where Purdue would have trouble winning if OSU had only 8 players on the field... so what's Joe's approach?

"You know, I'll be curious," Tiller said. "I'm like you guys. I want to see how he snaps back from this. I think that will give us an indication of where he's headed in the future and where we're headed."


No, Joe, you're not like us guys. You're the head effing football coach. You are supposed to have a plan to deal with things. For F's sake, just say you have a plan of attack! Say you're going to "try some new things." Do something to make us believe you're not just playing out the string. Make us fricking believe. We so desperately want to believe.

Meanwhile, Curtis is drinking kool-aid:

Painter said the Boilermakers aren't far from having the kind of potent offense their fans are used to.

"We've lost a few games, and we feel like we should have been in them a little bit more than we were," he said. "We're doing things well. I think we're just close. Hopefully we'll click soon."

Wait, I'm sorry.... we're....doing....things.....................well?

Sorry, I almost vomited a little bit there. It was hard to even type it. If Curtis thinks we're doing things well, then... well.... we're as screwed as we thought.

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