Yay Rah, NCAA!

"I got out in time!!"

The NCAA for years has refused to give significant punishment to it's big revenue generators. That will all change tomorrow when the official punishment following the NCAA's investigation of the Trojans is released.

Here's what it looks like will happen:
-All the wins from the '04 & possibly the '05 seasons will be expunged from the books
This type of punishment always seems silly to me...the revenue from tickets is still theirs, the fans still think those games count...so no big deal here, to me.

-20 scholarships lost for the USC football team
This is a big penalty. Even with USC's typically-talented roster, depth is still needed and with early defections, it's always good to be able to allow a player a year before he starts. Plus, most 19 year olds, even the highest-touted, aren't as big and strong as the average 22 year old college football player.

-No post-season play for two seasons
Another significant punishment as this hurts exposure and if nothing else will affect the psyche of the fanbase during the holiday season.
-Possible removal of Bush's Heisman
This is a somewhat-large deal simply because it's unprecedented (I believe)...but a few sources don't think this will happen.

I still can't find if there's any ramifications for the basketball team, but I think they should also be punished...as should USC's athletic director be fired and forced to never hold such a post in the NCAA due to his lack of control of the situation...but that probably won't happen.

It might be interesting to see if USC seeks to hold Carroll, Bush, Floyd, Mayo and others accountable after the punishment is official.

The NCAA took way too long to complete the investigation and then hand down the punishment. But, if the above is what comes to fruition, the NCAA got it right...for once.

What I'd still like to see is the coaches being held more-accountable for such violations. For instance- if your team is guilty of multiple-major infractions that leave a program decimated, you not only can't coach for 5 years, but will also be fined if you decide to return to NCAA coaching after the punitive period (as a deterrent). Sure, it won't happen, but one can dream.

Screw you, Dennis.

Officially Unofficial...