Screw you, Dennis.

Today on, a writer named Dennis Dodd decided to throw another sizable log on the fire of my burning disdain for the national sports media.

He made some good points...some that I agree with-

The Big Ten and Jim Delany should be pleased that Nebraska is joining the conference.
True, Dennis.

Much of Nebraska's football success is due to creative and prevalent use of walk-ons.
Neato...that's noteworthy and very good.

Nebraska has had a ton of success...from its coaches to its players, to the greater teams they played on. Lots of Cornhuskers are in the Hall of Fame.
Indeed! They'll fit in with the most-storied, longest-running conference in all of the land.
The Cornhuser mascot is goofy.
No argument here.
Nebraska has loyal fans.
I'm glad- loyalty breeds passion, passion breeds rivalry, rivalry makes a conference better.

Delany has the ability to stop some of the shaking ground under the feet of the college football world.
True, he does, to a point...but I'd argue that a seismic shake-up is exactly what college football needs. From conferences with unhappy members to a crappy post-season system, one of my favorite sports needs an overhaul. But, I'd also argue that key parts like Texas, the Pac10 and others are also very happy about moving change's not solely ole Jim at the controls of this XL ship.

But, Mr. Dodd also decided to call out Purdue specifically, not once, but twice in his nearly-good article. He begs and pleads Jim Delany not to make Nebraska into a middle-of-the pack team and pretty much kiss the Cornhusker's overall-clad ass as they enter the oldest, and wealthiest conference in the college sports.

Make no mistake, Dennis, Nebraska needs the Big Ten and wants to be part of the conference. This conference isn't a damsel in distress in need of a big, strong gorilla to pick it up. The Big Ten is the gorilla. The Big Ten has a ton of great teams...and the BT has always been an innovator in college sports world...right now is no different.

When Penn State entered the conference, they brought a large satchel of trophies, a rabid fanbase and throngs of members of the college football hall of fame...and they needed to join the Big Ten. Sound familiar? Delany and co. didn't kiss the wrinkly hind quarters of JoePa, and they shouldn't do it for Pelini and Osborne.

They can and should welcome Nebraska as a member of a family that has been successful, has produced a ton of great players and better games and is comprised of good schools. The Cornhuskers should be good for the conference for a number of reasons.

But CBS' Dodd needs to understand something. Purdue isn't the only team in the conference who is in the middle. And, I'd argue that Nebraska's last two coaches did more to make Nebraska a middling team than Jim Delany ever could.
Remember, this isn't the first time Nebraska tried to join the Big Ten. But, this time, their bid to enter the conference will be successful BECAUSE of members like Purdue. So instead of the BT rolling out a red carpet for Osborne, perhaps he should bring gifts of gratitude for Delany and the charter members of the ole conference. The Big Ten has saved them from the inequitable treatment that the "Big Texas" Conference dumped upon them the last decade and one-half. The conference's newest member should be and is pleased about getting out of the sinking ship called the Big 12, which I'm sure most are, within the Nebraska family.

But Dodd and others in the media should recognize that middle of the pack football teams, like Purdue generate revenue in places that Nebraska doesn't even have the hardwood. In fact, Nebraska should get to know Northwestern as they enter the BT...because both share the notable distinction of being two of only three teams in the entire NCAA to have never won an NCAA tournament game. While no one will argue football's importance to the conference, everyone knows the Big Ten is more than just a football conference.

Welcome to the Big Ten, Nebraska.

Thanks Georgia Boiler, for the heads up.

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