Breaking News: Green Bay TV Network To Derail Eli Manning

They sure do love their Packers up in Nowheresville, Wisconsin. Even the TV networks.

You see, WLUK, a Green Bay Fox affiliate, has figured out a way to totally mess with Eli Manning. You see, Eli like Seinfeld and runs in syndication on WLUK on the weekends at 5:30 PM. And so do you know what WLUK is doing? Get ready, strap yourself in.... and check this out, from the story:

Poor Eli: WLUK, Channel 11, which is carrying the game via Fox, has a comic bit going surrounding Giants quarterback Eli Manning, a fan of "Seinfeld."

WLUK carries reruns of "Seinfeld," including at 5:30 p.m. Saturday.

"That's exactly when Eli will be relaxing in his downtown Appleton hotel room getting ready for Sunday's game," WLUK says in a news release.

The station has pulled the program.

"Why give comfort to the enemy?" said Jay Zollar, general manager. "Green Bay Packers fans do not want any of the New York Giants to get a good night's sleep, and Fox 11 will do its part.

Wow. You're really showing the Giants, Green Bay! I mean, I'm sure the constant poking and prodding from the obnoxious New York media that Eli has enduring during his time as a Giant will pale in comparison to -- GASP -- not being able to watch Seinfeld on your crappy local network. Isn't it also possible Eli will be at a team meeting or a team dinner or with a hooker or something? I mean, if you want to make sure he doesn't have a good night's sleep, tell these chicks that Brett Favre is in the room and that he's lonely and can only perform on Sunday when he's "performed" on Saturday.

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