Can you taste it?

It's close, very close season is almost really here. My older brother sent out an e-mail reminding us that Christmas morning was coming this Thursday night as College football officially kicks off- love this time of year.

We're about 4 days out from kickoff, and everybody loves UND's new head coach. He's the perfect fit. Blue and Gold Illustrated, via USA Today tells us that numerology might point to UND winning a national title this season...The odd brew of Catholicism, VooDoo and superstition that makes up the UND football lore has room for numerology to be brought into the mix, I guess.

None of the trappings matter Saturday as the teams square off and the season finally begins. Will Brian Kelly be successful? He might...he's been great everywhere else he's coached. But, before you start shaping a statue in his Campbell's Soup Kid-esque image outside of UND's stadium, just remember we've been down this road before.
Other saviors have walked through the stadium gates in South Bend in the last fifteen years...yet they all fizzled...some quicker than others.

I've said it already- I don't really dislike Kelly yet...he hasn't given me reason to, but that'll come eventually. Perhaps it'll be Saturday, maybe later, but it'll happen, I'm sure of that. Ty Willingham is a pretty likable guy...but for three years, I couldn't stand the sight of the man or the sound of his voice...NDC helps that process along by painting video pictures of Saints in shoulder pads each season in South Bend. Their fans help throw logs on the fire just by being who they are...but right now, I'm more excited to watch the season begin than I am to watch Purdue v. UND.

Purdue's in a perfect place, in my opinion. They get the opportunity to face a very talented and well-coached team the first game...and no one really think's Hope's squad will be there's nothing to lose. The coach and the players alike have said this team is a work in progress as it collectively figures out exactly who it is and how it's going to be defined.

A nearly completely-rebuilt offensive line, new quarterback, new running back corps (with an exception here and there) and an all-new defensive backfield are all parts of why the team has been inconsistent during camp...there's talent, speed and size everywhere, but not experience. But in my opinion, there's reason to believe the 2010 Boilers can do big things.

This schedule might be perfectly-designed for this specific team. Honestly though, I don't care who they're playing, I'm just ready for Purdue football season to begin.

Looking at the Offensive Two Deeps for Saturday