SBF -- Finals Are Approaching

This current run of Sideboob Friday is here as a result of a plea by a student at Purdue to help get him through Finals. Okay, well, final exam week is approaching (by my old man calendar -- hell, it could have passed by now for all I know) and so get your fill because these babies will be put back in their bras before much longer.

But for now, away we go...

First up, everyone's old fave, Miss Piggy. I mean, if you've got to come down with swine flu, here's the nicest way to get it. (Also, sad to see Miss Piggy has turned to S&M queen.)

No idea who any of these remaining lasses are. This one appears to be driving. With her airbags already deployed. (Easiest joke ever? Possibly...)

Great googly moogly!

Holy schnikies!

Well, that's about all my ticker can handle for this fair Friday. Enjoy our hero Brad Miller's Bulls in their attempt to dethrone the Celts tomorrow and, as always, have a safe and solid weekend.

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