When Do We Start Getting Concerned About SportsCenter's Propaganda?

I know we all share a general disdain for the direction that ESPN has gone in, but we also are all in the same boat in that... hey, what are we sports fans going to do? Not watch ESPN? Kind of hard. They're everywhere.

Including on Twitter. And I am currently "following" them because I was curious if it would just be one of those lame Twitter feeds that's just a link dump to ESPN.com articles. But it's not. It's not bad, in the fact that it appears actual anchors and producers are Tweeting. What is getting a little obvious is that they really, really, really want us to all agree that Bulls-Celtics is the most amazing playoff series ever of all time ever, EVER. Take a look:

Josh E:Last night, hand ticking towards midnight, in a packed Manhattan restaurant. Diners leaving tables to watch the 3rd OT. Unforgettable
7 minutes ago

PRODUCER: We are all convinced that somehow the Bulls and Celtics will find a way to play EIGHT games in this series. Incredible basketball.
about 2 hours ago

Producer: 3 OT's = Tired morning SC Pod...but...WOW...what a game! What a series.
about 4 hours ago

Impromptu Poll: Who wins Game 7?
about 12 hours ago

Robert F: Wow. Don't have rooting interest in either team, but Bulls/Celtics reminds me of NBA in the 80's...when the league was Fan-tastic!
about 13 hours ago

Yes, we get it. It's amazing basketball. Especially the violent fouls that knock out people's teeth. Awesome. Now, I don't mean to be a conspiracy theorist here, but you don't suppose that... maybe... just possibly... they were encouraged to talk about just how awesome, life-changing and socially impacting this series has become? I mean, I know this is WAY out there....

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