The Rivalry, Esq., Looks At The Boilermakers

The Rivalry, Esq. has their Purdue preview up. Parts of it are reasonable. No, Purdue is not going to be very good. But anytime we wonder why bloggers are mocked by others in the media, this kind of dreck is why:

I hate Purdue because people act as if Joe Tiller was the first Big Ten coach to ever have his team throw a forward pass...I hate that "Boiler Up!" chant that their crowd yells after every play...I hate that their colors are a bit too similar to Iowa's...I hate that you absolutely can't win in the Big House. When was the last time? 1966? Seriously?...I hate that I still don't know what the word Purdue means...I hate that in 2002 on a late 4th and 1, you let Ohio State throw long to Michael Jenkins for the game winning touchdown. That kept Ohio State undefeated and Iowa out of the Rose Bowl...I hate Purdue.

Let's take a look at this semi-retarded rant.

First, Joe Tiller actually did change how the game was played in the Big Ten. This was established long ago.

Our colors are "too similar" to Iowa's? Seriously? The black and old gold actually looks nothing like Iowa's... what is that? Corn and turd?

We can't win in the Big House. Point taken. When was Iowa's last Rose Bowl again?

You don't know "what the word Purdue means"? Um, this is hard to figure out, I'm sure. Unreal.

And, about 2002. Yes, Iowa was very good that year. And only squeaked by Purdue by 3. And actually lost to Iowa State -- Iowa State! -- in a loss that ruined an otherwise perfect regular season. And the infernal "Holy Buckeye" play is what kept Iowa out of the Rose Bowl? You might be a bit mistaken, given that OSU didn't go to the Rose Bowl, either. They went to the Fiesta and won the national championship. The Rose Bowl chose Oklahoma and Washington State. But hey, it was probably Purdue's fault.

Idiots bother me.

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