Smart Hawkeyes Look to Dominate in '09

Ferentz's Hawkeyes had a strong, unexpected season in 2008...and if the off-season is any indicator, Iowas will be good again.

Much like Purdue, Iowa doesn't always have the most talented line-up, but they play smart. And to play smart, you need to have a heady group of players...guys like Kyle Calloway.

Calloway, a retrning starter to the line that protects Stazni is a Senior...And with the complexity of Iowa's offense, you know he's a thinking man.

But, he wasn't thinking too much when he got onto his moped early Saturday morning after drinking a beer or 50. It takes a few drinks to get the average Joe over the legal many does it take to get a 6'7", 315-pounder above the limit? I don't know. But what I do know is big dudes shouldn't ride on mopeds drunk...or this might happen:

Let that be a lesson to you, Kyle. you got lucky this time.

(Thanks to our pal out on the island of Iowa who gave us the heads-up on this)

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