Woods Sizzzzzzlin'

Tiger Woods bum knee doesn't seem to be bothering him...in fact, a slight limp isn't slowing him down at all. Experts, like myself, thought the torquing on his knee would be too much for him since he swings so hard. Yeah, it really stifled him...he only reached a 600+ yard hole in two. In case you don't like him, tough...He's going to be in the final group both Saturday and Sunday.
I will give the anti-Tiger crowd this- ESPN's pro-Woods slant, especially when he's in 36th place is silly and sometimes annoying...but, they simply have to keep their cameras on him because you never know when he's going to do what he did on his final nine holes this evening. He shot a 30 for nine at the US Open. Simply amazing. Mickleson was also chipping and scrambling well on the same nine holes in which Woods topped his score by SEVEN strokes. Silly.

Not such an easy transition?

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