BS Tourney Challenge After Day 1

Well, now. 500 of you clowns join up and after day one, NONE of you are perfect. But we do have a 27-way tie for first place right now.

Just like last year, however, the wives of me and Boilerdowd are ahead of us. But not by much. And since my wife has Purdue playing Texas for the national title, well.... either she'll finish far behind OR, if that happens, she'll win us a lot of money, since I doubt that's in many brackets.

As I mentioned up above, my two favorite entry names are "Chief Pickingbrackets" and "May I e'twaun moore twinkie?" Out-standing work.

We have 23 entries that have Purdue as National Champions. We'll decide something special for all of you to win if the Boilermakers actually win the national title.

And we have somewhere around 35 entries with no champion selected. I know that I also forgot to plug in my champ until I saw my bracket status was "incomplete." This is obviously, for some reason, easy to overlook. Yahoo should probably figure out a solution. And on that subject, our apologies for using Yahoo. I was thinking about how much more I liked it than CBS or ESPN -- right up until I noticed it stopped taking entries at 500. That's effing stupid and, frankly, inexcusable. So our apologies on that. We'll have to go with ESPN next year -- I know for a fact you can have thousands in there. And by next year, Boiled Sports will probably be giving away a million dollars for our challenge winner. You know how it goes.

Back to the leaders. The trick, of course, at this point, is to not have lost any of your deep teams yet. If you get a few wrong in these first two days, so be it. But if none of your incorrects were teams you had going any further along, then you're golden. The other good news is that nobody's lost their national champs pick yet -- but that's always fun when it happens.

Everyone's bitching this morning that there were no surprises yesterday. Well, boo hoo. It was still awesome. And there were near surprises, which means the games were good.

As for today's games, I think it'll hold to form for the most part again. I have a weird feeling about Stephen F Austin against Syracuse (they seem due for a stinker) and I have a big feeling about North Dakota State over Kansas. No, I didn't pick these, so I don't get to take credit if they happen. But Kansas especially has a history of atrocious first-round bed-crapping. And NoDak State is on a huge high right now. And despite Kansas winning the Big 12 regular season, they are not the team that won the national title last season. They should still win big -- but I would be worried if I were a KU fan.

I did pick Wisconsin to upset FSU -- and will love to tell Digger to stick it up his caboose if it happens.

Thursday Notes

Boilers, As Always, Make It Interesting