Thursday Notes


Yesterday was a moderately-exciting day for the NCAA tournament. There were a few moderate upsets, but really, nothing too noteworthy. Yet another 12 beat a 5, and the Illini were the victim of the fury of the Hilltoppers. UConn and UNC played in a manner that no one would question their #1 seeding (UConn even kept shooting threes while up by 50 to compound the point). But, one might doubt the same for the #2 seed Memphis Tigers who struggled mightily with a powerhouse, 17-win CS Northridge squad.

Following our Boilers tight win over a 25-win Northern Iowa team, resident idiot, Digger Phelps proclaimed that that close game completely discredited the BT as a viable conference...and he continued his sentiment that the BT was the worst basketball conference in the last ten years. Hmmm. He told us how there was no way Purdue could control the pace v. Washington because of the weakness of both the Boilers and the BT. But, he refrained from calling Memphis a pretender...nor did he discredit UCLA or the Pac-10, later in the night, when they barely squeaked by VCU by the smallest of margins. Furthermore, he didn't give the beleaguered BT an credit after UM's victory over the higher-seeded Clemson Tigers.

And speaking of Tigers, CBS, suck it. Why? Because Dan Bonner and your production talent stinks. I say that because my Dad likes having the volume up when watching we got to hear this type of statement (in the afternoon)- "Teams with Tigers as a mascot are 2-0 today."

Thanks fellas! That's hard-hitting...girls between the ages of 7 and 10 are now riveted to the screen and will stay there for the next few minutes.
not a tiger

I know, I know, their talent is spread as thin as MLB pitching talent during the first two days of the NCAA tourney, but that doesn't change the fact that they should keep their damn mouths shut, just for a few seconds, during each contest. Atop that, they decided to play "around the bracket" during the first half of the Purdue game. That was great- it didn't happen at all during the Butler game, and honestly, I didn't see it during the entire rest of Thursday's coverage, but they left Purdue's game to check-in on games just beginning and clearly really liked just hearing themselves talk. Nothing was added by their cut-in...and it could have easily been done during a timeout...but that would have cut into commercial time. Instead, they decided to piss off the people watching their regional coverage. Jerks.

So, if you're anything like me, you'll be watching the majority of today with the volume low, if not completely muted...and while doing so, brace yourself for some upsets. Because if last year's any indicator, all hell might break loose this afternoon in Bracketland.

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