This is gonna make it more difficult...OK, maybe not

I tripped on youtube videos of Mr. Mark Titus earlier today. If you don't know who he is, Titus is a walk-on at aOSU. Sure, Thad Matta still can't coach, Turner's a colossal jack and I think most guys who play in Buckeye unis get paid better than I do, but no matter.

Mark Titus is frickin' awesome.

I like this guy. Unlike some of his teammates, he doesn't take himself all. Plus, he seems pretty talented. Hats off to aOSU for letting this guy dress in their Bron Bron jerseys and matching kicks...because he'll probably end up being a pretty great ambassador for one of the universities that I love to hate.

Granted, I'll still root against Matta's boys with great vehemence, but inside, there's a soft spot for #34 on the end of the bench.

If I could, Mark, I'd give you a one-arm embrace...if you're good enough for Buckets, Kramer and the Ostrich, then gosh-darnit, you're good-enough for me.

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