Handsome's Back, Back Again, Handsome's Back, Tell A Friend

You know you've missed us. At least you better be missing us. We've done only one show in the past six weeks so if you haven't missed us...well...what the hell, man?

We're back in the saddle tonight, so crank up your interwebnet radio at 10 PM, Eastern Time, or download us tomorrow morning and take us on the go. It's like having us in your pocket. Which would be neat. Except for us, especially if you have linty pockets. Though if you're a chick, we'd love to be in your pocket. Wait, where was I?

Oh, yes. We're back tonight to continue Season Two of the Handsome Hour. And for those of you who want to mark your calendars, we expect to continue doing the show every other week for a little while and then bumping it back up to weekly once we get into tourney time. Thus, that means the following likely schedule (and by "likely" we mean, "unless we feel like changing it"):

1/27 (Tonight!)

Callers are welcome at (347) 945-5560. Come to vent, come with a take, come with your concerns, etc.


This is gonna make it more difficult...OK, maybe not