Weekend Gumbo

Still not a ton going on around Purdue sports...and that's OK because it's just that time of year. Brian Cardinal sprinkled some Boiler luck on the Mavs and helped them turn the game around the other night v. the detestable Heat...but even with the chance of seeing Cardinal for a few seconds each game, I'm still having a hard time caring about the NBA finals. My distraction of choice, Indy Car, is in a short respite following the big race, meanwhile, J's Yanks are one of the best teams in MLB...still nothing holds our attention like Purdue basketball and football, so we're biding our time like the rest of you.

Danny Hope has offered nearly 150 players for next year's class...already. About seven of those players are quarterbacks as Hope's staff is still smarting from Bellamy's departure from last year's class, and offensive linemen are also a high priority as the need will be great in the coming years (as we've been saying for two).

Hope thinks that Purdue's team is sound, for the most part, academically, and doesn't expect much, if any, attrition due to grades in the next few weeks. Every interview I've read from Hope has him mentioning that this team has the parts to contend for a championship (I'm not sure which one) and his optimism, as always is bubbling over. Like we've always said, it's tough not to like a guy that's eternally optimistic, but my eyes disagree with his assessment. I hope I'm wrong and Purdue's third-year coach is on the mark.

Another noteworthy point that Hope has talked about is that Bolden is 100% following his second ACL recovery but Marve isn't quite there, at least at this point. Let's keep in mind that Henry was a unanimous captain choice for this team...as a RS Soph, so it's his job to lose in the fall. That said, when you pass as infrequently and ineffectively as 15 did at times last season, it's tough to stay healthy...so Marve needs to be ready as we saw in '10. TerBush, of course, will also be back.

On the basketball side, two of Purdue's recruits, Derek Willis and Kendall Stephens are both receiving invites to events put on specifically for the nation's elite and seem to be catching everyone's eye. Stephens has been battling a few nagging injuries during the early summer AAU circuit and Willis has had a rise like no player I've seen Purdue recruit in the last decade. I have no reason to believe this other than a hunch, but with two slimy coaches very near by, I'm concerned that Willis won't stay committed. This is precisely why we don't like talking about verbals and why it's always smart for coaches to continue recruiting until signing day. That said, I like both the '12 and '13 classes with the verbals that are in the group quite a bit and think a ton of these guys really understand Purdue's philosophy.

Sprintin' Shane
Purdue football signee, Shane Mikesky added to his already decorated track career by winning another 110 hurdles crown and helped Zionsville to third in the state in the 4x100. Mikesky is a wildcard for the Boilers and reminds me a bit of John Standeford or UND (jackface) Jeff Samardzija.

There's an old phrase that track speed isn't football speed, and I tend to agree, but athleticism is athleticism...and this kid's got plenty of that...and a 6'4" frame isn't horrible either at WR.

Here's an indoor race from God's country that Mikesky won back in '10:

PSU moves on from the DeChellis Era
Ed DeChellis decided it was time for him to part ways (a few weeks ago) with the Lions by making the step up to the big time with Navy, in doing so, he left PSU in a bit of a lurch, but they've now found their guy. They didn't look inside the PSU family, instead they went to basketball powerhouse, Boston University to find their guy. Meet Patrick Chambers.

Chambers is a 40 year old coach who led BU to the NCAA tournament and isn't lacking in enthusiasm or optimism. In fact, he seems a bit like Danny Hope in that category. He called PSU a program in better position than was Villanova a few seasons ago (I'm positive he's ignoring the past successes of the Wildcats), is impressed with PSU's newfound commitment to win championships, and thinks of the Lions as a sleeping giant awaiting to angrily rise from its slumber. If you're friends with Mr. Chambers don't tell him that he wasn't hired as their football coach...it'll ruin his summer.

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