What Are Your Early Thoughts on 2011 Purdue Football?

Last Friday marked the three month point to Purdue football's 2011 path of destruction tour, coming to a city near you (as long as you live in the middle of the country). Whether the destruction part will be that of Purdue or of their cowering opponents remains to be seen.

Sure, there is some doubt among the old guard (such as B-Dowd's 48 year old brother) that Danny Hope knows what he's doing. However, we've also seen fans who staunchly support the embattled Purdue coach and are willing to write off last season to injuries, bad luck and poor moustache intimidation usage.

So here we are, looking ahead to the start of another football season, and while we'll provide our usual meandering preview to the season as we get closer to it, I thought it might make sense to "take the pulse" of the fanbase (assuming you all have a pulse). So below is the schedule for the upcoming season. Some of my early thoughts? Well, I'm glad you asked.

I like four of the first five at home, because if a good start is going to happen, this will certainly help. I don't like a month that goes @UM, @Wisc, vs OSU, vs Iowa. Zoinks. I think the Boilers have some pretty rough road games to handle, and if they win more than two of them, that will be an accomplishment that should be lauded. I'll reserve judgement on predicting a won-loss record right now, but I want to know what YOU think. So think it over, feel free to post your rationale in the comments, and vote in the poll to the right.

9/3 - vs. Middle Tenn St
9/10 - @ Rice
9/17 - vs. SE Miss St
10/1 - vs. Notre Dame
10/8 - vs. Minnesota
10/15 - @ Penn State
10/22 - vs. Illinois (Homecoming)
10/29 - @ Michigan
11/5 - @ Wisconsin
11/12 - vs. Ohio $tate
11/19 - vs. Iowa
11/26 - @ Indiana

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