BS Busted Bracket Contest Update

Well, quite honestly, nobody deserves to win this thing. Seriously, how insane is it that Boilerdowd -- with a pretty crappy bracket -- is in the 99.3 percentile out of ESPN's 4.8 million entries?

In the BS version of things, there is definitely still some variation that can happen. Jaun Moore run 4 Kramer is leading things, but with Ohio State as their national champ, it's going to take a winner like Butler or Michigan State to keep things where they are. Now, I could sit here and study all the permutations, but I really don't have that kind of focus. However, I do see the following:

jmpurdue5117 1, currently in fourth place, can still gain 480 points and has Duke winning it all. A win or two by Duke and this entry has a good chance.

Chris kramer is the man, to their credit, has Butler in the Final Four. They also have Duke winning it all, but being behind jmpurdue5117 1, cannot catch up.

JojoWagz43 1, currently in 18th place, has Duke and WVU correctly in the Final Four and WVU winning it all.

Fuzz18500 1, currently in 25th place, has WVU winning it all, but also the only correct Final Four team. So if WVU loses in the semis, it's over for Fuzz.

It would also appear that if Michigan State pulls it off, Total Hummeliation could vault from 83rd to the winner's circle.

And honorable mention to Andrew Mizener 1, who, yes folks, has Butler winning it all. Can he win? I don't think so, since enough guys ahead of him have either Duke or WVU making the title game and would thus still have more points than Andrew even if Butler does take it home. Still, big nuggets picking Butler.

And one more honorable mention, to Coin Flip (no really) for...well... it appears to be flipping a coin for each and every game. I really hope that's what happened, because if he chose Tennessee, Marquette, Gonzaga and Richmond, with Marquette winning it all, well... we'd recommend counseling.

I've scanned a number of entries, but have not seen anyone with more than two Final Four teams correct in our group. If you succeeded in this and I missed you, please let me know. (Although I'm pretty sure you'd be winning -- by a lot -- if this happened.)

Remember, the winner of the BS Bracket Extravaganza gets valuable prizes.* You get a free post on the site to ramble about anything you want AND you're invited to join us as a featured guest on the Handsome Hour season finale next Wednesday, April 7.

*Depends on your definition of "valuable."

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