Sad It's Over But Still Handsome

We're back on the air tonight at the usual time of 10 PM Eastern to discuss the end of the Purdue basketball season, the neat set of double-rules in all games involving Duke, the nutritional value of Cadbury Cream Eggs and much, much more.

We'll look back at the season that was, we'll spend a good chunk of time looking forward at the bright future, we'll talk about why you should be really looking forward to late November (if you aren't already), we might touch on spring football and at the end, we'll all hug and have a good cry.

The Boiled Sports Handsome Hour for March 31, 2010. Be there.

Join us, won't you? (347) 945-5560

Next week will be the Season Two Finale and will feature (if they don't get stage fright) the winner of the BS Bracket Challenge.

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