Curtis Painter love

Phil Simms, who played a down-or-two of NFL football likes Curtis Painter more than any of the lower QB picks in this year's NFL draft (check the 4:50 mark for details):

Nice to see a Purdue guy getting publicity...hopefully, he has a long, successful career in the league. I've contended all along that I don't think he was coached all that well/all that critically in the last few seasons of his Purdue career...and that could be why he didn't seem to progress in West Lafayette. He was always a favorite of Tiller's, and from what is slowly leaking out of various reports and player interviews, Tiller's range of treatment for different players was obvious in practice at times.

And speaking of Tiller's favorites, Kory Sheets is still upset at Tiller and co. saying that they all but sabotaged his chances of being drafted last weekend. And GBI had a story today in which Kory is still bemoaning the fact that Tiller ruined his draft weekend.

First off, I really don't think Tiller has that kind of power with that many teams in the NFL. Unless Joe Tiller is actually the Worldwide Wes of this league, it's doubtful that his word would matter to that many franchises. But, what probably did hurt him was the fact that every time Kory was given the chance, he erased any doubt that he had a massive ego...and that everyone was wrong last season, but him in the way his conflict was handled.

Instead of focusing on how excited the Niners are to have him and how much he wants to prove everyone wrong who didn't pick him, he'd rather complain that he deserved more...We'll see in a few months if he's correct.

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