Robbie Hummel Knows Nothing Of This Back Fracture You Speak Of

I'm not sure whether to think this is a good thing or a concern. Robbie seems like one of those guys who would play basketball 365 days a year if you let him. And he goes all out when he's on the floor, even at the risk of significant ongoing pain in his back. And so we all looked forward to him getting some time off this summer and letting that fractured vertebrate heal.

Well, Robbie's kind of not having that. From the Purdue Exponent:

Robbie Hummel’s back problems appear to be behind him.

Is that a pun?

The forward missed time last season after suffering a stress fracture in his L5 vertebra. It appeared he would be shelved for the summer to recover.

Instead, Hummel will be traveling with teammate JaJuan Johnson to Colorado Springs, Colo., to try out for Team USA on the Under 21-team.

That's a good way to rest your back, Rob.

“I plan on going home after finals until June when I come back to Purdue for summer school,” he wrote in an e-mail. “During summer school I will be trying out for Team USA in Colorado Springs, Colo. If I make the team, I will go to Serbia and play.

“If I don’t, I will go to Orlando for 4 days and work out at the Vince Carter Skills Camp.”

You know, Robbie, I think I speak for all of us when I say it's totally cool if you want to veg on your couch for a few months and then start working hard in, say, September.

Plus, Vince Carter's a dick.

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