In Trouble

Kramer, coming off of re-setting surgery earlier this week, fought valiantly on defense...and Johnson and Jackson both tried to do what they could to keep it close offensively, but Illinois really had this game under control from early in the contest.

Purdue's defense simply looked perplexed and over-matched as Illinois ran pick-and-rolls over and over and Purdue failed to rotate. In fact, if it wasn't for Kramer's peskiness, this one might have been even worse. The Illini didn't shoot exceptionally well (44.6%) and even lost the rebounding battle (34-31)...but Purdue's poor shooting, and awful 3-point shooting, was too much to overcome.

Paging Mr. Grant and Mr. Moore!!
For the second game in a row, Smooge did not score double-digits...and KG joined him in an effort of futility by scoring only four points. Here are their lines:

4pts (1-6)/3reb/1stl/1To
6pts (2-9)/5reb/0stl/1To

This is the problem...and part of it can be blamed on fatigue since our Boilers are so shallow. But both of these guys were pretty reliable last season...conversely, this season, E'Twaun has been inconsistent at best, and Grant has been almost non-existent (offensively). Hummel's injury hurts, but the loss of these two has dogged our Boilers in more than a handful of games.

Big Concerns
Sorry gents...and while I appreciate your optimism, those that tried to tell me Purdue had a chance a BT title, might now see what I was seeing after the Buckeye loss...Our Alma Mater is in trouble. In fact, I only count 3-4 more likely wins as things look right now...everything else is either a toss-up or unlikely. A 21-win record going into the Big Ten tourney would probably yield Purdue an 8-12 seed in the dance...especially with what looks to be a pretty lousy second-half to the BT schedule.

I'm not saying the season's over, but our Boilers just got whipped by an OK Illinois team; this surely isn't a good sign.

CBS' Vern Lundquist called Smooge Keaton Moore for much of the game. Do you think CBS can afford a print out that shows every player's name in the line-up?

Oh A-Rod

Let's resign ouselves to some truths...