What Now?

If you're a Knucklehead, you already know that Jaycen Taylor suffered a (possibly) serious leg injury during Sunday's practice. The word "redshirt" is already being thrown around as the coaches think the injury is bad enough to keep him out quite a while as he recovers. We'll know a lot more after some doctors look at him this evening. This sounds like pretty horrible news at first glance...but how bad?
Honestly, it could be much worse, if you ask me...and keep in mind, I have a man crush on Jaycen Taylor.

As recently as 4 days ago, Tiller and Co. talked about how much Kory Sheets wanted to be recognized as "the guy". Well, Kory, here's your chance. Sheets is now the clear starter and should get a few more carries as Frank (the tank) Halliburton and Dan Dierking split the carries that Taylor was going to make. The old addage that there are no problems, only opportunities seems poignant here. Some great opportunities for a few young guys have been placed at the feet of the Purdue RBs...Maybe we'll even see Ralph Bolden or Jared Crank run with the 1s in the near future.

The biggest loss, if Taylor's out for the season, is what Jaycen brings to the huddle. Granted, he'll still be leading the team from the sidelines, but his toughness is something that every football team can use on the field.

There is one more wrinkle to this equation- if Taylor can come back in 5 weeks, do you think he'll redshirt if he has a vote? Doubtful.

Suck It, Collinsworth.

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