November 6; A Day That Will Live In History

Today, November 6, is a big day. It's a day that changes the world. It's a day when history is altered. It's a day of change and hope and fresh ideas.

November 6 is the sixth birthday of Boiled Sports. I hope you got us something nice.

What, did you think I was talking about something else going on today?

Six years ago on this day, November 6, 2006, BS took to the interwebnet waves, via a 14.4k modem, a 12 year old Boilerdowd and some hopes and dreams. [Ed Note: Not all of that is true.]

As you've probably heard us say before, a group of us used to email each other every week on the sports topics of the day/week/whatever, and lively debate would often ensue. After quite a few years of this, we decided to take the conversation into the blog format.

Thanks for gambling on us

According to Blogger (and Blogger is never wrong, much like Wikipedia, BlogTalkRadio and Boilerdowd), we're now 34 posts shy of 3,000 posts, we've had over 2.1 million page views, and we've published more than 20,000 comments on our posts. I'm not usually one to ever talk stats on here because, really, who cares? But I do so now to simply say thanks for reading and for sharing your opinions as well. We're truly flattered, whether you agree with us all the time or not.

We've tried to stick to our formula of giving you our honest opinions and we're proud of the way we've continued to do that. We've made a few mistakes, to be sure, but I like to think we've done more good work here than lousy.

Soon, you'll be learning about another addition to the BS family (the writing family -- B-dowd isn't preggo) and we know you'll welcome him with the same open arms and feisty uppercuts you've always bestowed upon us.

So thanks again. We appreciate the pride and passion so many of you share with us and we're happy and honored to be an outlet for you. Things might look bleak right now around the athletic department of Purdue, but keep the faith -- the Boilermakers will rise again.

Choo choo, muthas.

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