Purdue lands Illinois QB

A few things stood out to me when I read this article about Purdue receiving a verbal commitment from Illinois high school QB, Sean Robinson, who Rivals has listed as the 10th best dual-threat QB in the nation.

First being that the dude had 23 scholarship offers and Purdue got him. That says a lot to me about what kind of recruiters are in place. They weren't all schmo schools either; Iowa, Nebraska, Boston College, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Louisville were among them.

Next up was his quote “The (Purdue) campus itself as a whole is really beautiful. The town is not a huge Chicago-type area, but there’s plenty of stuff to do.” Really? Plenty of stuff to do. Shh, no one tell him the truth. I'm not sure what he considers to be plenty of stuff, but I think he may have the wrong definition. Well that is, unless he considers wondering where all the girls went once Winter hits to be stuff. Then there's plenty of that.

Later it says that "Robinson was drawn to the Boilermakers by their quarterback tradition. The opportunity to learn under recent Miami transfer Robert Marve also helped seal the deal." Is that a good thing? Maybe Marve has turned it around, but I'm not ready to hand him the keys to our future QBs yet. It seems a bit like asking Glenn Robinson to mentor Robbie Hummel.

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