Robbie Hummel Isn't Into Social Media

Our old buddy Luke Winn has a nice Q&A with Robbie Hummel up at In it, Robbie lets us know that his Twitter feed and any MySpace accounts are fakes.

He also reiterates the line we'd heard Coach Painter likes to use: "Everybody can't play shortstop and lead off." I love that this is the team mentality summed up in a nice, neat line.

And he also lets us know how Matty demonstrates that he's angry, which is by flinging a basketball off the backboard. If I tried that, it would totally backfire and I'd miss the backboard and cause the dean a concussion or something.

Robbie also talks about his famous back brace and other herbal remedies suggested to him by overeager fans. Oh, and he has this little nugget when asked about the possibility of surgery on his bad back:

They said surgery [fusing the vertebrae together] would be the last option you'd want, because it's been very unsuccessful on guys they've done it on. They've lost their mobility, and it's basically ended their career.

Wow, that's a sobering thought. Glad he's taking it easy this summer.

Oh wait, that's right.

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