You Stay Classy, Boston

Via With Leather comes this lovely video of Boston fans doing what they do best... I guess.

Yes, yes, I'm sure you're not all like that. But here's the thing: so many of you are like that. Obnoxious and semi-retarded, that is. What other explanation is there for destroying public and private property because your NBA team won a title? And I don't want to hear any bullsh-t about any of my teams because when the Giants won the Super Bowl, there weren't riots in NYC or NJ. Can you imagine if it had been the big bad NY team who was 18-0 and was upset by a Wild Card Pats team? Holy hell. They seriously would have torched all of Boston. Makes perfect sense, too. Destroy the city you support. Wait, what? Too many words.

And while I'm feeling salty, let's talk about Kevin Garnett and his jackassian performance for Michelle Tafoya last night. Tell you what, Kevin, why don't you grow the f-ck up and get control of yourself and conduct an interview like an adult? Oooh, he's so emotional! Ooh, he cares so much! Give me a break. How come every other athlete can handle an interview afterwards? That was just annoying and disrespectful. How do people like this clown?

Two quotes from that interview from Garnett stand out in particular for me... possibly because they're the only semi-coherent things he said.

1) "Anything can happen." -- Really? Like, you mean, Kevin Garnett can not only get out of the first round, but even win a title? Yeah, I guess so. Anything can happen. As long as it's not in Minnesota. Right, Kevin?

2) "Whatchu gonna say now?" -- Huh? Don't even tell me this was a "nobody believed in us" bullsh-t line. The Celts won 66 games this year. If you clowns had not won a title, you would have been colossal failures. So let's not act like you overcame so much. You overcame nothing. You overcame the Hawks, barely, and then the Cavs, barely. And then, yeah, you beat the Pistons and Lakers, all while losing more games than a champ has ever lost I believe. So what am I gonna say now? I'm gonna say, good for you guys. I'm glad it wasn't Kobe who won. But, seriously, Boston fans, does this feel that good? 40% of your starting lineup -- and 67% of your big-time players -- were brought in just this season after long, distinguished careers elsewhere. Are they really Celtics? Doesn't this feel a little hollow? No?

I mean, what if the Chicago Bears traded for Peyton Manning, Terrel Owens, LaDanian Tomlinson and a few other stars and then won the Super Bowl? Would that feel like a Bears title? Or a title that a bunch of guys won? I don't know, I'm seriously kind of asking.

That's all I got.

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