What's Dumb, White and Can't Control Its Mouth?

I know this one...there are actually two answers- First it was Rory Sabatini and second, Rat Thief Goosen.

I know, I know, Ratief was being funny when he made his hilarious comments about Woods faking his knee injuries. I'll tell you, there is really nothing funnier than knee injury jokes...By the way J, you faked your knee injuries a few years back...The crutches and limp made it REAL convincing. See, that is funny.

Turns out, ole Faker Woods might not have been pulling everyone's leg...In fact, he was actually much worse than he let on. I've never torn my ACL like Tiger and J Money...but I have partially torn ligaments in my ankle. That was no picnic. My little injury put me in a walking boot for weeks. I've also had stress fractures in the same ankle...that put me in a cast.

Tiger Wuss

So, when I found out what Woods had played through to win the US Open, my man crush got even bigger for ole Edrick. The amount of torque he put on that knee each time he swung the driver was immense and has been talked about ad nauseum, but simply walking on that knee was an accomplishment in itself. Think about this- Woods walked about 23 miles in four days on a torn ACL and two stress fractures. That's gritty, I don't care which sport you play. Heck, some athletes can't even walk 23 feet even with no injury at all.

Tim's been really upset with all of the golf talk on our site in the last week. Well, with Woods out of all PGA events for the rest of '08, I'm pretty sure golf talk will generally subside around the US...Hope you're happy now Tim!!!

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