Coach Sticking It To His Players

If you've been visiting here a while, you know what I think of Coach K- I don't like him. But, this olympics team may be the perfect group of players for him to coach. Why? Well, I think it's pretty simple.

This group is motivated, hand-picked, extraordinarily-talented and disciplined. K doesn't have any pesky NCAA rules to look out for with this group, they're officially pros, unlike his teams at Duke. But, like his players at Duke, who are usually more-talented than the teams they're playing against, they also buy into what he's selling...and it shows. This morning, I watched the US play with the German National squad like a cat does with a slow aged field mouse...they could do whatever they wanted to do with the cute lil' Deutschlanders.

Krzyewski has employed a rudimentary, but smart system of a double high-post for the bigs and a fast pace for the guards. The system, coupled with the wider lane, creates a ton of space for Kobe, Wade and others to move easily in and out of. The results are slashing and finishing as the Chinese audience oooohs and ahhhhs for the entire contest. He's also managed to keep a group of rich guys motivated while not getting paid (other than endorsement dollars...oooh that's so sad) to play the game.

A debate has started whether this team could beat the Dream Team from '92. We'll never find out, but it's kind of fun to think about. But, before you join the debate, I think it's manditory to wait until this team wins the gold. Then the pointless, but entertaining discussion can resume.

While this team is ridiculously talented, they seriously couldn't do what they're doing without Coach K, so I give him credit. He could have just laid down on the job and taken it easy, but he's been a consumate professional...and unlike Coach Daly back in '92, probably hasn't taken the team out for drinks the night before big games. Keep up the good work, Mike, in less than a week, you can take a well-deserved rest.

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