I Will Never Understand Why He's Still On The Air

I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't keep beating a dead horse but, hey, this is (partially) my site and so I'm going to. While I think you could devote an entire feature to the mega-stupidity, forcedness, and all-around lousy radio that makes up the bulk of Mike and Mike in the Morning, there are sometimes things that stand out to me and for some reason I feel compelled to complain about them to you.

This morning, as I'm driving to work, they're talking about the Olympics and Mike Greenberg claims that "The time difference really works, you know?" Golic agrees, because, why not... and Greenberg goes on...

"I mean, twelve hours, that works out great. Five hours, now that would be bad... I mean, if it were London, what's London? Five hours? Six hours? Liam [one of their imbecile producers], what's London? Five hours?

Yeah, see, because if it were there, when the events are happening in the evening there, it'd be the middle of the night for us."

Ah, wait a minute. No. No sir, it would not be. London is five hours ahead of New York, thus if things were taking place in the evening there, it would be the afternoon in New York.

I guess it just bothers me that Mike Greenberg is supposed to be the semi-intelligent voice on this program and he doesn't even realize that London's five hours ahead of New York and not five hours behind. Maybe I'm being nit-picky, but that's kind of basic knowledge, isn't it?

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