Coach Tiller, Coach Spack, Coach Legg & Coach Z, thanks for nothing.

After nearly two seasons of talking about changes and potential changes that needed to be made to make Purdue successful in a bowl once again, we get the effort that was put fourth in Orlando? Maybe Morgan Burke can hire Drew Brees as Purdue's next head coach because clearly, he made the program go.

My favorite moment of the game was when Tiller got a "technical foul" by coming too far onto the field...Seriously? The ACC officiating crew had never seen such emotion or unsportsmanlike activity out of the choir boys that usually stalk the sidelines on a typical Saturday on the in their conference. That moment along with Dorien "I'm going pro" Bryant's fumble gave me clear indication that Purdue had spent the entire week looking at killer whales and giant stuffed mice instead of practicing.

Anthony Spencer & Mike Otto deserved to go out much better...but they'll be making money playing this game next year, so I don't feel too sorry for either.

My only consolation is, at least we're not Minnesota fans.

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