Hopefully, This Is Run Better Than The Team

So it appears that U.S. Airways management has collectively lost their marbles. Pictures here is not the team plane for the Arizona Cardinals. No, no... it's a regular ole commercial jet for U.S. Airways.

According to Deadspin and Home and Away Magazine:

"US Airways has caught football fever with the release of the newly painted US Airways Arizona Cardinals plane. The Airbus A319 plane incorporates the Cardinals logo and colors with the US Airways name and stylized flag appearing on the fuselage."

Wow. Just...wow. I'm not sure which joke to make... so it can be a choose your own adventure kind of post.

  • U.S. Airways also announced that the flight would have a successful landing rate (winning percentage) of just .365.
  • "Hi, this is your captain, Matt Leinart. After I finish this fifth of vodka and nail this stewardess, we'll get moving."
  • This airline is who we thought they were.
  • Airline officials lamented the fact that while they felt confident that every August would yeild high hopes for the airline, it's expected that they won't fill any seats after December of each year.

It's Ass-tastic!