Taco Bell Denise Debate Ends Here


Dear readers, we have a problem here at BS. If you listened to the Handsome Hour from this week, you know of what I speak. It seems the very lovely and talented Boilerdowd feels that the girls in the currently on-so-often-it-makes-me-want-to-break-things Taco Bell commercial "look like dudes." He is particularly hard on "Denise," who has a terrific smile and is attractive to any other male who looks at her.

Yes, this bothers me. Mainly because Boilerdowd's age has advanced to the point where, apparently, his eyesight is so bad that he can no longer identify an attractive female.

But I am not one to overly quibble with a man's taste in women. Sometimes you're just not feeling it. What I do have a problem with is that he refers to "Denise" as "looking like a dude." I know he's spent a lot of time in all-male dormitories, but still....

Anyway, the guys at the site "Thunder Treats" (yeah, I don't know) did some research and learned that Denise is actually Nicole Hayden and they managed to score an interview with her. They also posted the photo above and a couple others.

So, BS readers.... who's right here? Does Denise look like a dude? Or is she at least somewhat attractive?

"You also never know when you’ll have an opportunity like this" LewJack seizes the day.

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