"You also never know when you’ll have an opportunity like this" LewJack seizes the day.

Unlike some of the players on this squad, #23 has a sense of urgency to him.

About a month ago, LewJack insisted to his head coach that he'd be back in the month of January. Matty seemingly patted him on the had and said it'd probably be more like mid-February.

Lewis was right. On the 28th, he was cleared to play...and on that same night, he did just that.

He said he felt tired in the second half, but it seems like he understands that fatigue goes away quickly as does the opportunity to play on a "special" team.

Naysayers can bark whatever they want about the guy, but he wants to be a part of this team and I think might be a crucial part of the stretch run.

After the game, Painter commented about the embarrassment of riches that he now has as 12 guys might all be able to play each game...but in reality, the bench will probably only go 10 deep game-in, game-out. There are only 200 playing minutes available each game, afterall.

Of all problems a coach can have, this might be the best one to have.

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