Justin Siller Even Helping Recruiting Already

According to BoilerStation.com, Chris Quinn has committed to join the Boilermakers 2009 recruiting class, verbally committing to Coach Hope before leaving this past weekend. He was in WestLaf for his official visit and rather enjoyed seeing the potential of the 2009 and beyond Boilermakers:

"My visit was awesome. I had a good time," Quinn said. "The team welcomed me like a new family member. The coaches talked to me like we've known each other, like we have a good relationship. It was like home.

"And the game was awesome. They came from 14 points behind twice and came out with the win. That was great."

These are the things that make me smile. Sure, maybe Quinn is a cornerback who tore his meniscus this season, but getting players from Florida is never a bad thing and hearing recruits sound excited about Purdue football means maybe what Tiller has spent the season tearing down won't go down completely.

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