Two Years of BS

Boilerdowd, Tim and J enjoy some cake.

We couldn't let today pass without proudly sharing the fact that Boiled Sports turns terrible two today. Two years of mindless ranting, sideboobs and, mostly, Purdue-centric sports talk. We hope you've enjoyed it and tell your friends about us. The first kilo is always free.

I look back at our first post and see how far we've come. Our first week included Tim lamenting the plight of Cleveland sports fans (Brady Quinn currently works hard to ensure some things stay the same), Boilerdowd mocking IU football and doing our first post about hot chicks, me mocking JoePa (and one of my still-favorite photos of the old man), and a post about a certain Purdue recruiting class.

Over the past two years, we've riled some people up and also gotten some really nice compliments from readers (and not just the people spam-emailing us to get us to post links). I've yet to put up more info about us and our mission, why we do this, etc., because I've never felt it's critical information. We come here for the same reason any of you come here -- to kill some time, to vent, to babble about Purdue (or other sports we love or have opinions on). Sure, we'll never be "big time," but we actually like it this way. We've got a little niche carved out and we really enjoy doing this.

So thanks, really, for letting us do it and for coming by however often you do come by... we promise to keep trying to be fun.

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