Boilers Stave Off Minny At Home

Robbie Hummel and the Boilers stayed in dogfight mode last night as they took down the Gophers from up North.

The Boilers led for most of the game and pulled away in the second half to win by a dozen, continuing their stellar play at home this season and staying atop the Big Ten, merely tie-breaker points ahead of IU and Wisconsin.

Sorry, I am really just vamping here....filling time, you know? Waiting for Boilerdowd to file his report. But he's been sick so it's possible he didn't see this game, either. The problem is, the Big Ten Network sucks ass so badly, I don't get to see many Purdue games despite having a "sports tier" on my cable.

So all I know is what I said above -- Purdue won, Minny lost and the Boilers stay on top in the Big Ten. Granted, that's all that really matters but we all know and love Boilerdowd's butter-knife-sharp wit and analysis.

Even Tubby wants to know what the hell happened.

What the hell happened? Well, at least I'm not being eviscerated by Vanderbilt by 40+.

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