Leap Boob Friday

Well, it's February 29th. The last time this happened was in 2004. When was the last time the leap-year-only date landed on a Friday? Well, I'm too damn lazy to look it up. But it can't be very frequent. And do you know what happens on leap years? You get eight SBF pics to enjoy rather than the customary three or four. Yes, it's a labor of love and I do it all for you.

First up is Megan Fox. Pop quiz -- what seat is she sitting in? (If you see a seat number right away, you may be married. If you are wondering what these words are because you're too busy looking at the pic to read them, that's the right answer.)

Next is Mia St. John. Sure, her face looks a little weathered but who's looking at her face?

Cooling off under a waterfall here is Candice Michelle. Isn't this how all chicks cool off on a hot day? I like to pretend so.

Up next is Gemma Atkinson, one of my all-time favorites here at SBF. And she clearly knows how to qualify for Sideboob Friday, even going so far as to cheat and pull down her top. Let's do a quick poll... who thinks this is cheating? Me neither.

On the advice of old friend and loyal reader Paul, here's the first of two pics of Keeley Hazel. I don't know where Paul found her but I'm thinking it wasn't somewhere that's PG-rated. Do a Google images search for her and see what I mean. (Hint: Don't do the search if your boss or wife is behind you. Unless they like SBF, too.)

Keeley Hazel, again. As I replied to Paul, "holy bejeezus."

Another stellar find by a member of the Boiled Sports Army, Tim. This is Cheryl Cole and that's perhaps my favorite shirt ever. I would give up bacon to have my wife wear this shirt. And I love bacon.

And finally, bringing up the rear... heh... today is China Moro. I don't know who she is nor can I recall where her picture came from in my folder of fun. But it's there and now it's here for all to enjoy.

Boiler Up this weekend gents, and let's crush the Mildcats over the weekend and stay on top of the Big Ten.

Sideboob Friday is a production of Boiled Sports and runs on Fridays in this space. It used to run later in the day but everyone got a little grumpy when they couldn't enjoy the boobs with either their morning coffee or their PB&J so here you go. To share thoughts, such as that we're a-holes, we're always listening at BoiledSports@gmail.com.

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