Catching Up With Gene Keady

Via Brent Yarina's blog at the BTN, I saw this link to BoilerStation about what Gene Keady's up to these days. It's a nice little Q&A about ol' Gene, how he's handling retirement, the death of his wife, his job as an analyst with the BTN and so forth.

Some of it was truly hard-hitting journalism:

Q: You continue to make appearances at many Purdue functions throughout Indiana and the Midwest. Are these activities that you enjoy?

Gosh, I wonder what his response to that will be. Wouldn't it have been awesome if Gene said something like, "Hell, no, I don't enjoy it! Who the hell wants to pander to you knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathers? Oh, wait, are we on the record?"

Some insightful stuff on current newbie DJ Byrd:

DJ reminds me of a combination of Doug Lee, Todd Foster and Chris Kramer. He plays hard and gives his whole body to the game. DJ is a smart player. He is going to have to improve his shooting, which is a skill you can improve with a lot of practice. Matt Painter and his staff do a great job teaching kids how to shoot.

Doug Lee, Todd Foster and Chris Kramer? I'm not sure that's an attractive combination but I'm sure Geno isn't looking at it like that.

Anyway, read up to see the rest of the Q&A. Oh, and Keady is 73 years old. Yet again, I feel like I'm aging.

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