T-minus 31 days : The Countdown

In exactly one month Purdue will resume classes for the fall semester. A few weeks from now, roughly 40,000 of us will flood back to West Lafayette, jamming up the roads with U-Haul trailers, re-populating the bars, and most importantly of all, gearing up for another year of Boilermaker sports.

I've spent my summer at an internship on an Army base in central Texas. While I've enjoyed the work, the people, and the wonderfully dry heat, I am getting rather tired of hearing about the Texas A&M Aggies and the Texas Longhorns. Not to mention that every time someone mentions OSU I vomit a little before realizing he or she is talking about Oklahoma State, not the Buckeyes.

I don't want to hear any more about this.
I miss reminiscing about the 2009 Ohio State football game when we rushed the field, and being able to rant about how awesome it was for Robbie Hummel to get drafted. In fact, people here pretty much hate basketball and eat, sleep, and breathe football so I can't get many people to talk about it. (Except that the Thunder was in the playoffs so Oklahoma natives were excited. I don't count that because the NBA doesn't count unless a Boilermaker is on the roster.)

Someone PLEASE talk to me about this!

So to my fellow classmates, I look forward to joining you for a wonderful fall of football, volleyball, soccer, golf, cross country, tennis, and whatever other competitions out there float your boat. If you've got the VIP pass, try not to lose it at the first athletic event you go to, like I did last year.

To those loyal alumni, future Boilermakers, and otherwise friends of Purdue, I hope you make it to campus, and maybe join me at Breakfast Club?

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