Three Out of Five Boiler Fans Agree...

So the unofficial poll has closed and as of June 13, 62% of you hilariously, adorably, lovably, Danny Hope-ishly optimistic readers say that Purdue will be a bowl team in 2011.

As we always say, we surely hope we're wrong, because right now we don't see how you get to six (or more!) wins in looking at that schedule.

Oh, sure, we know there are plenty of games they could win to go along with those that they should win, but an honest question, and this isn't our normal smart-assery: When was the last time a Purdue football team won not only all the games we agreed they should win as well as those that were toss-ups?

As more information about the roster comes forth and the look of this year's team comes into focus, we'll take the temperature of the Purdue faithful again, and we'll be right here with the analysis you've come to love (like writing about the Mavs winning the title and forgetting to mention BC).

Oh, and to the 17 of you who think the Boilers are going to go 9-3 or better....we love you.

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