Drew Brees Golf Event -- BS will be on the Scene

As you may know, Boiled Sports will have a presence at the Drew Brees golf outing at Purdue tomorrow. If you happen to be playing it in, look out for the Boiled Sports sponsorship signs on holes on each course. In addition, look out for the Boiled Sports/Ed Sigo foursomes -- we'll be driving our carts over tee boxes and across greens while hanging out the sides and jousting with our 3-woods.

Ed Sigo, once again, is the Boiler alum who was kind enough to sponsor not one, but two BS foursomes. The finalists of our reader contest all get to play, in addition to a couple of Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteers from the Lafayette area. All in all, this is a nice thing for a lot of people, and Ed gets the biggest share of credit for his generosity.

I'll do my best to take some pictures and potentially some video. I'll also let smoldering Drew Brees know that all the ladies of BS love him and the men....well, the men love him, too.

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