What's that? Why, it's a sideboob!

Regardless of her status as a vampire, that's a mighty fine sideboob you have Kelly Monaco!

Mmmmm. Doritos. Mmmm. Dorito girl Ali Landry.

Umm. Wow. Just wow. This girls name is Gloria Santiago. I've never heard of her, but it's obvious that she has a lot of talent!

Last but not least... Eva Mendez.

Nothing more really needs to be said. It's sideboobs.

Sideboob Friday is a production of Boiled Sports and runs every Friday in this space. Tim is newly married, as is J Money, but we still love some sideboobs. None more than our wives. Let that be noted. *duly noted* Mmmm... sideboobs. To contact us, fire one off at BoiledSports@gmail.com.

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