Weekly Prediction: Insight or Motor City???

Man oh man, we are one day from the Old Oaken Bucket game, and I am just stoked (soaked with sarcasm)!!!!  Two teams, both bowl eligible, both seeking to better their status with the bowl committees both not very good.  Many of IU's fans think Lewis' decision making ability is so bad that he should be benched...Many of Purdue's fans think Painter's decision-making ability is so bad that it should be an open contest this spring and fall.  One team has a bristly veteran of a coach who might have to go Kyle Williams to get fired, the other has taken his team to a .500 record for the first time in a long time and probably won't return as head man in '08.  There are differences and there are similarities.

Purdue is number nine in the league in sacks, IU is number one...this will probably be a factor as painter runs for his life and is forced to make quick decisions.  Conversely, IU's Lewis, when given time to decide if he should tuck it or throw a jump ball up to Hardy will create a ton of problems for Purdue.  So, what do the not-so-wise sages of BS think?  Let's find out...

J says:

Weekly Prediction: Insight or Motor City??? (CMigrator copy 1)

What's that? Why, it's a sideboob!