Indiana Will Suck.

Don't put that on the internet!

That's not me talking, it's ex-Purdue assistant coach, and current Illinois head coach, Bruce Weber when asked about the Big Ten race later this fall. His exact quote is:
"The league should be wide open and we can be right in the middle of it. I do know one thing, though. I think Indiana will suck. Don't put that on the Internet."

I don't know why a coach of a college team would ever spout off like a fan about another team in a conference, but the likable (not to IU fans) Weber shoots from the hip. I guess it's always a good thing to see new rivalries...and if IU can ever have a full roster of schollie players, theirs with the Illini will continue to be a good one.

If Tom Crean will play along in the coming seasons, Big Ten basketball could become like SEC football a few seasons ago when Spurrier was at UF...Extremely entertaining theater especially during pressers.

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